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Bed Sheet Fabric

For more than 22 years, we are renowned for our ability to produce high quality bed sheet fabric. Banging from polyester to cotton, we use only the best raw materials to ensure bedsheet’s durability and wuality excellence.

Dyed Fabric

We also offer prime quality dysel fabric. Offering a wide range of color, we use only the best material to give our client the best possible result.

Special Treatment – Cool Feeling

With nano emulsion particles of enclosing water soluble mint, cool feeling reduce human temperature by 1 degree celcius while sleeping. It will keep your body cool and comfortable while you are sleeping. The world’s strongest cool feeling. Still usable even after 40 times machine wash.

Special Treatment – Cool Protein

Silk protein is a high quality protein from marine fish, contains marine collagen which is a natural high molecular protein. Collagen composed in bedsheet will soften your skin, maintain the moisture of your skin and anti creasing effect. With good quality, we offer you new innovation to the household bedding and it will prevent you from dryness in the air-conditioning room. With excellent softness, the collahen will soften and moisture your skin.