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Dry Temp

The preferred application method of REAPRET SR NEW is during high temperature dyeing, with virtually no change in normal dyeing procedure. REAPRET SR NEW is   fixed onto the fabric through exhaustion, on yarn, knit and fabric.

REAPRET SR NEW features the followings properties:

  • is an effective soil release agent that simplify the finished goods maintenance, moreover it inhibits greying of PES textiles due to washing cycles.
  • Minimize static build-up
  • Gives moisture absorbency properties, adding comfort to finish goods;
  • Lasts though repeated home laundering cycles;
  • It can be dosed with automatic systems.

Permanent hydrophilic performance, quick dry effect on polyester, antistatic and soil- release durable finishing for polyester fibres and blends. Can be applied during the dyeing step color shades are not affected. Confers comfort to treated articles